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I think a membershit was always required to have a shitbox, but the webcum was available to everyone (I think) until they removed it. Since they removed that, what I have is the custom widget thing.
Tue Nov 17, 2015, 5:51 PM
I remember a time when you didn't have to pay deviantART to have a Shoutbox or Webcam on your dA page. Am I crazy?
Mon Nov 16, 2015, 12:36 AM
Hai! *pokes back* c:
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 6:10 AM
*pokes you* :3
Tue Aug 25, 2015, 1:19 PM
Hei, guyz, check this out! The shoutbox is back! A box where you can shout at me to make more art.
Tue Aug 25, 2015, 8:52 AM
darky has eran the cutie and badd ass fox achievement
Wed Dec 26, 2012, 10:27 AM
helloand gave me cake now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sun Apr 29, 2012, 2:16 PM
Sat Mar 24, 2012, 12:42 AM
The cake is a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sun Feb 5, 2012, 12:49 PM
Thu Dec 8, 2011, 8:55 AM
Tue Nov 22, 2011, 4:26 AM
Darkehbun ish awesome fawxywuv! *huggles you so tightly*
Fri Sep 23, 2011, 4:39 AM
Sun Sep 18, 2011, 12:17 PM
A shout box? What's this?...... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH?!?!?!?!?!
Sun Sep 11, 2011, 4:56 AM
*huggles you so tightly*
Wed Aug 10, 2011, 9:20 PM


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I'm an artist, I enjoy drawing and doing all sorts of visual works—as you may tell from my humble gallery. I am also a professional procrastinator; I love to sleep, and to eat while doing unproductive things. In 2017, I was (will be?) kidnapped by time-traveling Nazis so I could design planes for them in the late 30's.


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Sun Nov 15, 2015, 3:02 PM
  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: Stahlmann
  • Reading: books r 4 fegs
  • Watching: 48 deviants
  • Playing: Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Eating: yes please
  • Drinking: dihydrogen monoxide
1:51 AM - Skorzy: Some idiot just messaged a pic of his OC to my friend out of the blue, and immediately told her to draw him
1:51 AM - Skorzy: Well commented on her status
1:51 AM - Skorzy: So I did this for him Stefan by DarkenedFantasies
1:51 AM - Darky: lolz
1:51 AM - Darky: what's his name
1:52 AM - Skorzy: Stefan
1:52 AM - Darky: stefan the hedgegod
1:52 AM - Darky: hog*
1:52 AM - Darky: LOL
1:52 AM - Darky: LOLLLLL
1:52 AM - Darky: HEDGEGOD
1:52 AM - Skorzy: LOOOL
1:52 AM - Skorzy: Making new OC
1:52 AM - Skorzy: He's gonna be an hedgegod
3:50 AM - Skorzy: We should play something we havent played in a while
3:50 AM - Darky: sturmvodka
3:50 AM - Skorzy: We've played that in a while
3:51 AM - Darky: we've only played it in a while a while ago
3:52 AM - Darky: it's been whilest enough that it's been a while
3:52 AM - Skorzy: I mean something that we havent played even whiler ago
10:41 AM - Darky: u draw anything?
10:41 AM - Skorzy: Not nw in a bit
10:41 AM - Darky: lolz i wanted to write in internet tard but got lazy and quit right after "u"
10:41 AM - Skorzy: loll internet tard
10:42 AM - Darky: spelling like an idiot actually takes offert and concentration for me
10:42 AM - Darky: affort
10:42 AM - Darky: effort
10:42 AM - Darky: sometimes not, apparently
2:39 AM - Darky: i am knight's crosser than you are, skorzy
2:39 AM - Skorzy: Nahhh I'm the knights cross of occupying rear areas
2:40 AM - Darky: yeah, you occupy my rear area
2:40 AM - Skorzy: Huehuehue
7:07 AM - Skorzy:
7:07 AM - Darky: lolwut
7:08 AM - Darky: initiation to become an american citizen
7:08 AM - Skorzy: North Korean art of American soldiers forcing Korean civilians to eat hot dogs
7:08 AM - Skorzy: The most brutal crime anyone can commit
7:08 AM - Skorzy: Or even imagine
7:09 AM - Skorzy: I'll draw me with you tied up as I force you to eat my hotdog
7:09 AM - Darky: gayyyyyyyy
7:09 AM - Skorzy: Lol that sounds so wrong
4:50 AM - Thiefy: do it
4:50 AM - Thiefy: give Facebook the middle ginger
4:50 AM - Thiefy: finger*
11:34 PM - Skorzy: I must draw something tonight
11:35 PM - Darky: if you don't, 1000 syrian children will die
11:36 PM - Skorzy: That's not a good thing
11:59 PM - Darky: don't let those kids down
12:00 AM - Darky: quick, tho. i forgot to tell you that every hour you don't start drawing, 41 kids die. until all 1000 of them perish 24 hours later
12:02 AM - Darky: 41.666 kids, rather
12:02 AM - Darky: just happens to be 666, how convenient
12:02 AM - Darky: guess 41 die and another kid is brutally mutilated halfway to death
12:04 AM - Darky: after 24 hours, there will be 0.016 of a child remaining. he will continue to live in agonizing pain and curse you for making his life such a misery
12:06 AM - Darky: so yeah, hurry the fuck up you child killer
12:06 AM - Darky: skorzy the baby killer
12:09 AM - Darky: a spying spider spying on spying spies spies a spy there spying on their spider spies
2:50 AM - <<Stuartf>>: do i get a gift for not being stuipid?
2:50 AM - <<Stuartf>>: ...i'd like to retract that statement
9:33 PM - Skorzy: A surprise ::::DDDD
9:33 PM - Darky: fein
9:37 PM - Darky: alien smileyface
9:37 PM - Darky: alien with 8 eyes and 4 mouths
9:38 PM - Skorzy: Nightmare fuel
10:50 PM - Darky: nah just funny
10:52 PM - Darky: nightmare fuel is skeleton bees that come sting your eyes and the pink poison they inject makes the surface of your eyes become dry larva skin. and then your teeth fall off to reveal eggs in their place and they hatch in more skeleton bees
10:52 PM - Darky: i don't need drugs
11:08 PM - Skorzy: THat sounds unpleasant
12:33 AM - Darky: i mail damaged fibres to my throttle prospectors
12:34 AM - Darky: from which they benedict the laces into rounds of applause
12:35 AM - Darky: as the revolving trash becomes a rotund mollusk of wide french navels
12:37 AM - Darky: hence the rolled gerund obeys a desmerizing pool into false toes
12:38 AM - Skorzy: I'm so lost
12:38 AM - Darky: wrong reply
7:53 PM - Darky: i think the main reason why racism still exists is because people still take it seriously
7:53 PM - Darky: which gives them the idea that it's still a valid idea
7:54 PM - Roy: I think because it's an unfortunate but natural human desire to feel superior to others
7:54 PM - Darky: instead of taking offense and giving them the impression that it's something serious, we should just laugh about it every time
7:55 PM - Roy: Sure, when it's just words
7:55 PM - Roy: Kinda hard to sit back and laugh when actual oppression happens, though
7:56 PM - Darky: that's probably a different story
7:56 PM - Darky: murder is murder regardless of the perpretator's beliefs
7:56 PM - Roy: Yup
7:57 PM - Darky: humans are strange creatures
7:58 PM - Darky: never seen cats decide that orange cats are inferior to others and should be kicked out
7:58 PM - Roy: Yeah, it's a weird concept
8:04 PM - Darky: racists should be rounded up and exterminated
8:05 PM - Roy: Whoa, you were just talking about murder being murder regardless of your beliefs :P
8:04 PM - Darky: :P
8:05 PM - Darky: it wouldn't be murder, just animal abuse
8:05 PM - Roy: Heh
4:34 AM - Darky: wonder if anyone has ever sat through the whole 10 hours
4:34 AM - m⊕⊕- m⊕⊕: yeah people do that shit i think lol
4:34 AM - m⊕⊕- m⊕⊕: just to do it
4:34 AM - m⊕⊕- m⊕⊕: like when your brother used to write down every time that he took a piss
4:34 AM - m⊕⊕- m⊕⊕: some people are just mentally ill
4:35 AM - Darky: hey he took that idea from me, i did it the year before he did
4:35 AM - m⊕⊕- m⊕⊕: oh...
4:35 AM - m⊕⊕- m⊕⊕: what a genius idea
9:15 AM - King Vangarh: They will sent you to you're doom!
9:16 AM - Darky: i will sent you back to grammar school (sorry i had to LOL)
9:16 AM - King Vangarh: I know, my spelling sucks.
9:16 AM - King Vangarh: All ways has.
9:16 AM - Darky: i've been waiting for that opportunity for years
9:17 AM - Darky: i can die a happy man now
2:09 AM - Skorzy: 9/11 art
2:10 AM - Skorzy: By the great artist skorzy
2:10 AM - Skorzy: WOuld look great
2:10 AM - Darky: nein eleven
2:11 AM - Darky: imagine the indian version of the disaster. a 7/11 store is attacked and it collapses
2:11 AM - Darky: happened on sept. 7
2:12 AM - Skorzy: Lolol
2:12 AM - Darky: no derp
2:12 AM - Darky: i mean july 7
2:12 AM - Darky: what the fuck
2:12 AM - Darky: july 11
2:12 AM - Darky: wow i'm tired
3:39 AM - Darky: that's why they put power lines high up on pylons
3:39 AM - Darky: it's the gov's way of telling us they have power over us
3:00 AM - Thief1337: man
3:00 AM - Thief1337: i hate when missions start
3:01 AM - Thief1337: where you have to start chasing someone
3:01 AM - Thief1337: but i'm in perfect position
3:01 AM - Thief1337: to shoot them in the head
3:01 AM - Thief1337: i do multiple times
3:01 AM - Thief1337: and they don't die
3:01 AM - Thief1337: like, bruh
3:01 AM - Thief1337: give me credit where credit is due
3:01 AM - Thief1337: rockstar pls
3:01 AM - Darky: they just don't let that get to their head
3:02 AM - Darky: they remain head-strong
3:02 AM - Thief1337: oh god
3:02 AM - Darky: and go ahead
3:02 AM - Thief1337: omfg
3:02 AM - Darky: they do have a head start after all
3:51 PM - Darky: fuck this meal is hot as fuck. i just touched it for 0.2 seconds with my tongue and now i have 2nd degree burns all over my body
3:53 PM - Strafy: Sounds fun
3:57 PM - Strafy: Im guessing it's not a sandwich as your usual thing.
3:57 PM - Darky: why da fak would i cook a sandwich .-.
3:57 PM - Darky: i'm an awful cook but i'm not a tard
12:55 AM - Darky: i like how bad and ass are both negative statements, but if you put them together it becomes a positive statement
12:56 AM - Skorzy: Pfff truuu.
12:56 AM - Skorzy: Fucking cunt
12:56 AM - Skorzy: THat doesnt work
12:24 AM - Lt. Ace Briggs™: so if i get u a dress for xmas, would u wear it
12:24 AM - Darky: i don't think so
12:24 AM - Darky: i wanna cause nosebleeds, not eyebleeds
[02:27:32 PM] <iB)Lonely> how is fallout 5?
[02:28:12 PM] <iB)Killer> fallout 6 is really good
[02:29:59 PM] <NauTii-DarkSide> wish i could afford fallout 7
[02:31:09 PM] <iB)Killer> its a matter of priorities i barely have enough money to live on and i still bought fallout 8
[02:31:37 PM] <iB)Killer> i did get it 10% off at where i work though
[02:37:11 PM] <NauTii-DarkSide> my comp probably couldn't run fallout 9 very well anyways
[02:37:44 PM] <iB)Killer> thats true maybe when fallout 10 comes out ull have one good enough to run that
[02:38:25 PM] <NauTii-DarkSide> maybe. i might still get fallout 11 before fallout 10
[02:39:00 PM] <iB)Killer> ya well ill buy fallout 12 b5 fallout 11 even comes out
[02:41:30 PM] <iB)Killer> ight well i gtg to work ill check on my bots in 3 hours when i get a break
[05:34:52 PM] <iB)Killer> :0
[06:40:26 PM] <NauTii-DarkSide> killer the fallout boy
[07:49:25 PM] <iB)Lonely> fallout boys is a band
[08:14:41 PM] <NauTii-DarkSide> shut up faggot
[08:15:31 PM] <iB)Killer> so mean :(

If a fatass passes wind and no one is around to smell it, does it really stink? 

3 deviants said Hold on. . . If no one is around to smell the fart, does it make a sound?
2 deviants said Smell is just signals interpreted by a brain from particles detected by receptors in the nose, so no.
1 deviant said The fart particles will ride the winds across the continents and sooner or later find their way into my nose, so yes.
No deviants said The fatass is a person too! They should be able to smell it! Stop being racist towards fat people.
No deviants said Doesn't matter, just be thankful that no one was around.
No deviants said If a fatass passes wind, it is what we call a hungerstorm.
No deviants said The fainter the sound, the stronger the smell!


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